A reputable, home based, dog breeder
dedicated to raising exceptional standard poodles.


About O.M.G.Poodles

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O.M.G.Poodles is a small, home based, Dog Breeder located in the beautiful high mountains of Creede Colorado . We raise our puppies in an enrichment full environment, with a focus on making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible. We follow the Puppy Culture  and Avidog programs very closely to insure that we make the most out of the critical developmental period from birth to 12-16 weeks old. If your are thinking about adding any puppy to your family you should invest in their DVD set. The information will help you understand all the extra work we put into our puppies and help you know what to expect from a reputable breeder. Please explore our site to learn more and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Christmas Wreath

Zombie / Willow
born 12/05/2021

Christmas Litter



OMG The King of Jingling

Please watch these videos to learn more about Puppy Culture and early neurological stimulation.