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Our Story

The Poodle

A dog with as much love as beauty, as much brains as brawn. They are the breed that has my heart, and we want nothing more than to share that experience and love with others.  


  How it all Got Started! 

My name is Meagan Townsend I am a Colorado native born and raised, but I have done some traveling through the years, mostly on the west coast. In 2018 I found myself back in Colorado, in the small little mountain town of Creede where I found Eric Grossman, my true partner in crime. I started my own Grooming Salon there and loved the time I had with the local dogs. Eric and I, both enjoy exploring the mountains on horseback and needed a tough levelheaded dog to go the miles with us. That is where our love and passion of Standard poodles comes into play!  

Although my story with OMG POODLES has just started, I am no beginner in the world of animals. I have worked with many dogs and horses throughout my life and have always had an eminence passion for them. I have worked with and owned rescue mutt type dogs for most of my life but have always wanted a standard poodle; Being a groomer for so long, I'm sure had a little something to do with that. Eric was all in on finding us our own standard poodle and find one we did. Her name was Taika! We had not thought about showing or breeding our new beautiful girl Taika, even though I had worked for a high-end well-established breeder in the past and knew the basics on how to go in that direction. We had no plan for that. Taika seemed to have other plans though, when we got her home, she took to our barn kittens eminently! Carrying them around softly by the scruff just like their mom would have done. The kittens were exceedingly small and likely to young to be away from their mother, but they loved Taika and she loved to mother them, even at such an early age. As we watched Taika in her everyday life, we noticed that She is also a beautiful mover and looks as if she is in the show ring, no matter where she is or what she is doing. She was born with a greatness; A want to mother and a need to be seen! 

So, our program began!  

With the help of Taika's breeder, and a few more friends along the way, we have done well in UKC confirmation, the start of a service dog program, sports like rally, barn hunt, lure coursing, and growing our program to what we have today. We are loving every minute we have with these wonderful dogs, and of course are still learning and growing as there is always something more to learn about this amazing breed.  

In the summer of 2020, we made the decision to change locations to a small farm setting in Manassa Colorado. The decision was hard, but we are enjoying our farm style life with our dogs, and the puppies get introduced to so many more new opportunities as they grow. 

With my experience in dog training and with some help of my mentors I have come across the puppy culture program. A beautifully simply laid out science, to giving the most to puppies during their critical developmental phase; that is between birth and 12 weeks old. I genuinely believe as breeders we should provide a solid foundation of communication with the puppies that we raise. We have them during the time they are the most able to learn and what they learn will stay with them for life. Visit the puppy culture web site, and if you are thinking of buying any puppy invest in the DVD set, the information you will see is profound and the foundation of our puppy rearing program! 

 Standard poodles are an amazing breed that are super smart and as tough as the Rocky Mountains. All our poodles' love getting dirty and love the grooming that comes after just as much! They love running alongside us on an all-day Horseback ride or hanging out and cuddling when I'm sick or have a migraine. The perfect mix of work play and chill!  

A dog with as much love as beauty, as much brains as brawn. They are the breed that has my heart, and we want nothing more than to share that experience and love with others.  

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