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Cerridwen is our keeper puppy from our Ohanzee and Taika litter. Her name is from Welsh origin, meaning fair, blessed poetry. In Welsh mythology Cerridwen is an enchantress and goddess of the underworld. A powerful bing that is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, rebirth, and inspiration. She also rules the realms of death, magic and regeneration. Her mothers name means magic and he fathers means shadow so it seemed fitting for this beautiful girl. Although her name holds a lot of power this girl is fun loving and the best cuddler. We are very excited to see this young lady grow and some day raise her own litter. We will finish her health testing in 2025.

Cerridwen: Product

Health Testing

Genetic Panel

PawPrint Genetics

CDDY w/IVDD : Clear
DM : Clear
NEwS : Clear
PRAD : Clear
PRAD4 : Clear
VWD : Clear

Day Blindness

Wisdom Panel



Color Traits

PawPrint Genetics

A Locus (Agouti) - Ay/at
B Locus (Brown) - B/b or b/b
E Locus (Melanistic Mask) - N/N
E Locus (Cream,Red) - E/E
K Locus (Dominant Black) - KB/ky
S Locus (Parti) - S/sP

Cerridwen: Files
Cerridwen: Pro Gallery
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