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Guardian Program

Guardian Program: About

Questions You May Have.

Guardian Program: Text

What is a “guardian"

Someone who takes the pick of litter as a personal pet, but promises to work closely with us to keep the dog in the breeding program. I require the guardian dog to be titled in CGC at a minimum. This is an easy title to achieve and many local trainers can test your dog for this title. I would love guardians that would also like to get into other sports or confirmation but this is not required. If guardians are not wanting to show I am more then willing to show / train the dog for you. You will have to make the dog available a few weeks before the show and keep the dog in enough coat for me to put into a UKC show cut. We will discuss which cut best suits the dog and that you enjoy as well.

Guardian Program: About

Why would you use guardian homes?

Because the Standard Poodle gene pool is shrinking and the only way to keep bettering the genetic diversity is to have more dogs as options for breeding. In order to do that, we must have large kennels or place dogs in homes who are willing to keep them intact for future breedings. We would rather place them as ‘guardians’ so that they can get the individual attention they deserve, yet still be able to pass on their genes to future generations. These dogs and the wonderful owners willing to help, guard the gene pool of our beloved breed, the poodle.

Guardian Program: About

Is there a cost I must pay to become a guardian?

Yes. But the price depends on how involved you want to be is showing the dog and how experienced you are. $1000.00 If you do not want to show at all, $750.00 If you want to show/title your dog but need a bit of mentorship with showing and or grooming, and $500.00 If you want to show/ Title your dog and you have experience doing this. I'm fairly open to customizing a satiation for the right person so please reach out to me. This is well below my cost to raise a puppy to 8-12 weeks of age. Shots, worming, food, toys, basic obedience training (sit, down, come, stay will already be imprinted on the puppy), and an incredible amount of socialization. I put a lot of work into my pups, more than most breeders.  I am willing to sell my BEST puppy to you at this price if you are willing to show, train, and allow me to breed the dog if they pass all their health testing

Guardian Program: About

What am I responsible for if I become a guardian?

You are responsible for the daily care, yearly vet bills, or expenses that might occur if the dog hurts itself while living with you. In short, what you would if you adopted a dog from a shelter or bought a pet from a breeder. You will also be required to put one UKC or AKC title on the puppy in some sport plus an AKC Canine Good Citizen title (CGC). Do not let this requirement scare you. The CGC title is very easy and often can be done by one year of age by a local trainer. The other title can be conformation, obedience, rally, lure coursing, barn hunt, anything with a title. Whatever you feel is your dogs strong point, you can focus on. If you are not interested in titling your dog I will require the dog go with me to the few shows I go to a year and I will show the dog to a UKC championship in confirmation. Why do I require a title? My entire breeding program is based on the physical and mental stability of my poodles. Putting a title on the dog shows they can work in a stressful and exciting environment. It also shows they have a brain, important when you breed Poodles who are known for their intelligence. A dog who is hyper and unable to focus will be harder to title. A dog that is reactive or upset by social events will be harder to title. It proves the stability of my dogs, which is important to me and future puppy buyers.

Guardian Program: About

Do you pay for anything?

YES! I will pay to have all the health test needed to certify that dog is ‘breeding quality’. If all the health testing is completed and comes back normal, then they might be bred at some point and become an active part of our breeding program. I also pay for all fees associated with breeding. This includes travel, blood-work, x-rays, ultrasounds, C-sections if needed, stud fees, you name it.

Guardian Program: Adoption

What if my dog doesn’t pass the health testing?

I will pay to have the dog spayed or neutered and they will become fully your family’s dog. This is a way for me to have access to them for breeding, but if they are not breeding quality I do not have to find them a home. Your home is their home for their entire life. There may be other reasons I choose not to use the dog you guard for my breeding program. Because you will live near me, we can constantly evaluate the development of the dogs temperament, structure, and health and decide if that dogs genes are truly needed in our poodles.

Guardian Program: Welcome

Can you explain how this will really all work?

The dog will be placed in an approved home where it will remain for it’s entire life, as long as you are actively completing the requirements of the guardian program (gaining a CGC title to show mental stability, proper food, training and care.) Required health testing will be done before or by 2 years of age, at my expense. We will work together to schedule the appointments at the proper reproduction vet near the guardian and at a time the guardian can take the dog or the guardian will make the dog available for me to pick up to take to the vet for testing. Most tests can be done at home with swabs but hips, elbows, cardiac and eyes need to be done by a vet. After all testing comes back and in good order I begin to review everything I know and observe of this dog to find the best mate possible. All costs related to breeding will be mine. The guardian dog will return to me for breeding. If it is a bitch the guardian must keep me informed of all heat cycles. Then when the time comes she will come back to me for breeding and also return to my home to whelp the puppies where they will all stay until the puppies are weaned, at which time the she will return to your home. I will never breed more than 4 litters from a single female.

If you have a stud, he will come to my house to breeding to my females or have semen collected and shipped to the girl in question. Once this is done, he will be returned to you. I'm very easy to work with and we will work with the situation. If its best for me to stay in a hotel close to you for breeding we will do that. If the dog needs to be collected and you can take him to a vet near you then we can dog that.

Studs will likely have their semen collected and frozen but might also be kept intact for up to 8 years. Standard Poodles are gentlemen and with very little training understand that they do NOT mark in a home, especially their home. 

At the time that the guardian dog ends it’s breeding career and is spayed or neutered at my expense, all registration paperwork will be transferred to your name and the contract will end.

Guardian Program: About Us

What is the difference between being a guardian and co-owning?

Co-owning a puppy is a different matter completely. A co-own pup will hopefully have a long and successful show career. A co-owner will likely whelp and raise the litters at their home. They are either an up and coming breeder that I'm mentoring or are already and established like minded breeder. In short the guardian program is for those who are NOT interested in breeding, but are willing to help me continuing my breeding goals. A Co-ownership is for those who ARE interested in breeding.

Guardian Program: About

Where are you looking for guardian homes?

Anywhere in Colorado. I have family in Pueblo and in Creede. Our reproduction vet is in the Springs. I am willing to drive and work with any one in the state.

Guardian Program: About

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for one of our available puppies or up coming video please fill out an application and I will reach out to you soon. If your have more questions about the program please reach out!

Guardian Program: About Us
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