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Handsome Man Ohanzee

Ohanzee is our first boy, and the happiest dog I have ever met. He did suffer an injury to his spinal cord a few years ago that paralyzed him. The cord was bent but not broken and he has recovered wonderfully from it. Although it was a long road and his gait is a bit 'off' some times he has never let it slow him down. He is so kind to our girls and the puppies. We are all truly blessed to have him in our lives. He has had 3 litters for us and all the puppies are amazing family pets, sporting dogs and a few service dogs. We are not able to show him in confirmation due to his gait from the injury, although he does have a few other titles. 

Open to breeding with outside females with collection only 

shipped or side by side 


Ohanzee: Males

Health Testing

CHIC # 159818

Genetic Panel

PawPrint Genetics

CDDY with IVDD : Clear

DM : Clear

NEWS : Clear

PRAD : Clear

PRA-rcd4 Clear 

VW: Clear

Day Blindness

Wisdom Panel



Color Traits

PawPrint Genetics

File Body

Ohanzee: Files
Ohanzee: Gallery
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