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PN URO1 CH OMGs Miracle Werewolf of the Shadow

Zevon is the singleton puppy from Ohanzee and Twilights litter. He is an extremely special boy and is my service dog for migraine alert and psychiatric. He is sweet and caring just like his daddy. We are working on rally and obedience with him as that is helpful with his service dog training. We have tried lure coursing with him but he seems to prefer to stay close to me rather than chase the bunny. He was my first corded dog which was amazing but I have shaved him down as its much easier to keep him clean to take him into public without his cords. Also now he can come do farm chores with me and not bring all the weeds and hay in with him. He is so good with the horses, cats and chickens and loves to help me feed all the animals. 

Available for stud to health tested and titled females!


More Info
Zevon: Product

Health Testing

Genetic Panel

PawPrint Genetics

CDDY with IVDD : Clear
DM : Clear
NEWS : Clear
PRAD : Clear
PRA-rcd4 Carrier
VW: Clear

Day Blindness

Wisdom Panel



Color Traits

PawPrint Genetics

A Locus (Agouti) - at/a
B Locus (Brown) - B/B
E Locus (Melanistic Mask) - Em/N
E Locus (Red) - E/E
K Locus (Dominant Black) - KB/KB
S Locus ( Parti ) - S/sP

Zevon: Files
Zevon: Pro Gallery
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